Leisure Trends Group and Formula4Media/The Running Event hosted a Webinar examining the driving forces behind growth in the running specialty channel in 2012.

This Webinar explored some of the factors driving growth in the channel; answering questions such as: Which categories are growing in 2012 and why?  What is the effect of gender on purchases and purchasing?  Have retail-selling prices shifted in 2012? What are some big-picture trends for the industry so far this year?  What is the overall outlook for the running specialty business going into the end of 2012 and beyond; and what are some key areas of growth going forward?

Leisure Trends Senior Retail Analyst Elisabeth Stahura used Running RetailTRAK™ point-of-sale data along with key consumer trends and insights to outline what is happening at retail using metrics such as:

  • Size of retail dollars and units
  • Growth in unit and dollar sales at retail 
  • Average retail selling price
  • Key price points 
  • Gender splits by category 
  • Gaining categories and losing categories 
  • Margins 
  • Inventory and sell-through

Title:   Running Specialty Retail Sales and Trends in 2012 

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