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After double-digit dollar growth most of the year, a return to average and even below average temperatures had a calming effect on paddle sport sales. Compared to October 2011, sales totaled $14M, a 6% increase. However, units fell 4%. It was the 11% jump in average retail-selling price keeping the industry afloat. Results across the three channels were mixed. Chain stores stood flat at $1.5M as online sales grew 9% to nearly $2M and specialty stores gained 6% to $11M.   

Across the three channels, boats gained 4% in units and 13% in dollars to total $8M. The average boat sold for $905, a healthy 9% more than October 2011. Kayaks grew a more modest 4% to reach $6M. Stand up paddleboard nearly doubled sales to reach $700K, contributing greatly to overall boat dollar growth. Also contributing to growth, sales of carry over boats (discontinued and close out items) jumped 84% to $700K. While paddle units outpaced boats, the category still declined 10% in units and 1% in dollars to total $1M.

Apparel sunk 12% this October compared to last totaling $1M. Solely responsible for the losses, specialty stores sunk 23% compared to chain’s 4% rise and a 19% jump in online sales. Specialty also held back accessory sales, slipping 2% for $3M in October sales. From a smaller base, chain gained 8% and online sales 22%.

  • All Specialty dollar sales +6%
    • Specialty boat dollar sales +17%
    • Specialty paddle dollar sales -1%
    • Specialty accessory dollar sales -2%
    • Specialty apparel dollar sales -23%
  • All Chain dollar sales  FLAT
    • Chain boat dollar sales -5%
    • Chain paddle dollar sales -19%
    • Chain accessory dollar sales +8%
    • Chain apparel dollar sales +4%
  • All Internet dollar sales up 9%
    • Internet boat dollar sales -4%
    • Internet paddle dollar sales +9%
    • Internet accessory dollar sales +22%
    • Internet apparel dollar sales +19%

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